The school counsellor assists with psychosocial knowledge to promote student learning and development.

The school counsellor does this by:

  • Communicating professionally with individual students and their families, focusing on solutions, support, motivation, and crisis.
  • Participating in networks with, for example, school staff, mental health professionals, police and social services who are working with students.
  • Providing guidance and advice to staff.
  • Identifying the school social situation of students.
  • Providing knowledge and information on services available in the community to do with social services, economy, certificates and referrals.

Counsellor at MYP and DP Campus

Queenie Frelin

Available all days exept Fridays


Mobile: 0729-747812

Counsellor at PYP Campus

Bibbi Pedersen

Available on Tuesdays, Thursdays (odd weeks) and Fridays


Mobile: 0708-693906