Student Health, Support, and Services

Through the knowledge and experience of our professionals and specialists, students at the International School of Helsingborg have access to a wide range of health and learning support services.

  • School Nurse and Doctor
  • Psychologist
  • Counsellor
  • Career Guidance Counsellor (SYV)
  • Special Needs Teachers
  • Library Services

The school health services provide advice and support for students to develop, maintain well-being, and succeed with their goals in school. Our goal is that every student becomes a confident, self-assured enquirer on the path of life-long learning, through a curriculum that is accessible to all.

International School of Helsingborg (ISH) is part of Helsingborg City’s schools (Helsingborgs stads skolor). This means that we have support and access to the entire competence of student health with school doctors, school nurses, psychologists and curators.