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Use this link from ANY computer to search for resources in the ISH Petri library – plan your homework research or find a good book to read!


A Research Guide
An excellent research resource to help students with referencing, footnotes, bibliographies, citation and much more.

Thousands of public domain e-books to download.

Free public domain audio books.

Excellent research resource, with thousands of articles available online. You can also set up your own account to keep track of your preferences and research. Suitable for older MYP and DP students.*

The world’s largest museum complex and research organization.

British Online Encyclopaedia, a superb resource – you can search at 3 different stages of understanding, and then choose from a further 3 levels of explanation per search result.*


World Stories
A collection of traditional stories in both English and a variety of world languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Arabic, Mandarin, Tamil, Persian, Somali, as well as European languages. We recommend it for younger students and beginners in English language.

Childrens Library
A library for the world’s children, featuring online reading in different languages.

Darwin Online
The complete work of Charles Darwin.

Kids National Geographic
Facts, activities, games and stories from National Geographic.

Energy Quest
Anything you need to know about energy with fun interaction.

Energy Facts
Great information about energy from the earth.

Global Portalen
Articles and activities on global issues.

Short, art-inspired stories you make to share, read and print.

Grammar Bytes
Grammar Instruction with Attitude.

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