Career Guidance Counselor

ISH has a Career Guidance Counselor, or Career Advisor (also known as SYV in Swedish), employed to make sure the students’ needs in regards to guidance and information about the options after MYP and DP are met. All students in MYP and DP are welcome to book an individual meeting with the Career Advisor and parents are welcome as well.

In MYP1-2 the focus is to meet with the students and do exercises connected with how to prepare for the future when it comes to study or career options. In MYP3 the students have a mandatory work experience week (or PRAO in Swedish) in the spring term. They also receive information about options after MYP, both IB Diploma and the Swedish national programmes, which is followed by a mandatory high school fair were they meet representatives from different high schools in the region. In MYP4 the students have another week of mandatory work experience in the autumn term. They receive additional information about their options after MYP and they also have mandatory visit to high schools in Helsingborg during three half-days. The students are encourage to visit the high schools on their open houses and to shadow a student during a school day to get as much information they need to make a well-informed choice. The students are called to individual meetings with the Career Advisor before they complete their applications and the Career Advisor administrates all the form and grades to be sent to the Admissions office in Helsingborg.

The students in MYP5-DP2 are guided about higher education, in Sweden and abroad, through information sessions and individual meetings with the Career Advisor. The students in MYP5 are encouraged to book a meeting with the Career Advisor to discuss their subject choices for DP and how they can affect their university plans and career options after DP. There are mandatory and voluntary trips to Lund University and different fairs to other DP schools in Malmö and Lund. Representatives from universities in Sweden and abroad visit ISH to give information about what they can offer DP students. The Career Advisor administrates all the applications through the UK application site, UCAS, and assists with their university applications to other countries as well. The predicted grades are collected by the Career Advisor to support the students university applications.

Career Advisor/ SYV

Nina Hedin
Telephone + 46 (0)42-10 69 97

The Career Advisor is available at the DP Campus, by e-mail or phone.